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Bruce Moyer — vocals, guitar

Playing by ear since the age of 4, and through decades of honing his 6-string skills, Bruce was instrumental in such DC area bands as The Great Atlantic Cable, Black Cat, Comfort, The Ambivalents and the ill-fated Seam Rippers. In 2004, Bruce holed himself up in the basement night after night, developing new tones, squeezing Fenders, Gibsons, organs and yes, even an accordion out of just one guitar. As a consequence he then set about to form 40 Dollar Fine with Steve and bassist Jeff Cooperman in early 2005 . Bruce counts The Beatles, Jeff Beck, Webb Wilder, Faces, Rockpile and NRBQ as major influences on his style.

Steve Hall — lead vocals, harmonica, percussion

A relative latecomer to public performance, Steve took up the harmonica in 1999 and then set about soaking up Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, George Smith, William Clarke and other blues harp masters, learning as much as he could. While singing and playing in jams at various clubs and parties in the area, it was at one of these parties in 2004 that Jeff Cooperman suggested he get into a band, and a few weeks later he and Jeff met up with Bruce, leading to the creation of 40 Dollar Fine. Having grown up in Texas, with its rich intermingling of cultures, Steve loves many kinds of music, but considers his primary vocal influences to be Ray Charles, Delbert McClinton, Lowell George, and George Jones.

Gina Cocco— vocals, bass

Gina joined the band in September 2016 but has called the other band members friends for a long time. This isn't her first time being "the girl in the band." She caught the music bug early and convinced her high school buds to let her join their band as a keyboard player. When she's not with 40 Dollar Fine you can catch her on stage with BandHouse Gigs, Danger Bird, and playing in various duo/trio acts around the area. She's a self-taught bass player who holds down the groove and loves inspiring other women to pick up the typically male-dominated instrument at any age. Some of her influences and favorite bands are Paul McCartney, The Beatles, James Jamerson, U2, Steely Dan, Elton John, Bonnie Raitt, and her bass player friends who encouraged her to play. She also plays keys, percussion, and drums. She's a native of Pennsylvania and loves her second hometown of Annapolis.

Rand Gardner— drums

Rand grew up in Southern California banging on kiddie drums and tap dancing. Ringo on Sullivan changed all that. Garage bands happened over the years, but in 2011 he began going to JV’s Open Mic and his musical universe exploded – in a good way. He got to make music with the likes of Bob Hume, Bryan Smith, Brook Yoder, Folsom Prisoners, Joe Chiocca, Sookey Jump, Dead Cat Bounce, Kevin Dudley & The Snake Farmers, Annette Wasilik Wonder Band and Mike Scoglio. The Beatles and countless others still inspire him plus session cats like Hal Blaine, Jim Keltner and Steve Gadd.

Derek Brock — vocals, guitar

Derek came to 40 Dollar Fine in 2006 by way of New Orleans and the swamps of Florida. Once landing in the DC area, Derek played with such bands as The Jump, Little Big, Under the Sun, Group Therapy, The Beatnik Flies and The Redeemers. A consumate student of the guitar, he has studied with Keith Grimes of the Mary Shaver and Eva Cassidy Bands, Paul Bell (now with the Nighthawks), and Scott Giambusso of GHz. Breaking strings at an alarming rate, Derek brings his high energy vocals and unpredictable presence to every 40 Dollar Fine show. The Beatles, Dylan, Richard Thompson, Ry Cooder and James Taylor are just a few of Derek's many influences.

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